Tameka Taylor, PhD wins Bustamante Award

21 May Tameka Taylor, PhD wins Bustamante Award

Dr. Tameka Taylor, partner and consultant of Compass Consulting Services, LLC, is being recognized by The Presidents’ Council Foundation as an emerging entreprenuer that exemplifies the core values of the Presidents’ Council and the Presidents’ Council Foundation. She will be given the John Bustamante award at the Presidents’ Council Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser on Thursday, May 23, 2013.

Mr. Bustamante was born in Santiago, Cuba on August 11, 1929 to missionaries. He created a legacy that rivals that of remarkable, yet quiet leaders who pave the way for some and open doors for many. In over eight decades of his life, Mr. Bustamante demonstrated to us all how to win, lose, preserve and prevail. His silent strength came from the teaching and preaching of his father, who was a Methodist minister and his love and care for people was inherited from his loving mother, a nurse. Mr. Bustamante will be remembered not only for what he taught others or how he lived, but also for what he left behind.

The John Bustamante Emerging Entreprenuer of the Year Award is awarded to a paid Emerging Entreprenuer Alumni Association Member who exemplifies the core values of The Presidents’ Council, The Presidents’ Council Foundation which are – community involvement, innovation, mainstream inclusion, trust, African-American economic development and charitable giving. All of these are not only the core values and foundation of The Presidents’ Council, but also values that Mr. Bustamante exemplified in his life every day.

“I am humbled to recieve this recognition knowing the caliber of people who have been past recipients and who were also eligible to get it. One of the reasons I got involved in the Emerging Enterpreneurs program was because its values are so closely aligned with those of Compass Consulting Services. I look forward to my continual involvement with the organization” says Tameka of this recognition.

The Annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser will be on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at Pura Vida Restaurant in Cleveland. At that event, Tameka will be recognized and given the award by the Bustamantes during “A Toast to African American Entrepreneurs” Wine Tasting. If you are interested in attending the event, please visit http://thepresidentscouncil.org/buy-fundraiser-tickets to purchase tickets.

Please help us congratulate Tameka on this wonderful recognition.