PCF pledges $10K bringing “SELMA” to Students for Free

27 Jan PCF pledges $10K bringing “SELMA” to Students for Free

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The Presidents’ Council Pledges $10,000 making Cleveland one of the U.S. Cities Bringing “SELMA” to Students for Free

Join Our Campaign! We Need Your Help!
The goal is $25,000 to send Cleveland area teens to see Selma!

The Presidents’ Council, a group of African-American business leaders in Northeast Ohio, is joining the massive national movement of African-American leaders to raise funds to provide free admission to middle and high school students for showings of the Golden Globe-winning film “SELMA” at participating theaters.

Working directly with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, The Presidents’ Council has pledged $10,000 and committed to lead the effort to raise another $15,000 from the African-American community. This initiative will allow students to attend a screening of the film. With the film soon ending in theaters, we are asking interested businesses, leaders and individuals to make a tax-deductible donation to The Presidents’ Council Foundation by Saturday, January 31, 2015. Your donation will be used to purchase “SELMA” tickets and donated to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for distribution. If you are interested in doing so, please visit our website www.thepresidentscouncil.org and click donate now or mail your donation to The Presidents’ Council Foundation – 526 Superior Avenue, Suite 724- Cleveland, OH 44114.

In 2000, The Presidents’ Council started a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization – The Presidents’ Council Foundation – to allow for the members and partners to make a larger impact in the community. The mission of the organization is to support, develop and advocate for our region’s current and future generations of entrepreneurs and leaders. The organization achieves this mission through its’ two flagship programs Emerging Entrepreneurs that works with African-American small business owners and PC Scholars which works with Cleveland Metropolitan School District sophomores, juniors and seniors.

The Presidents’ Council understands that the opportunities that they have had to grow successful businesses are the result of the many heroic efforts of the brave men and woman that fought for civil rights during this movement, which is affectionately referred to as the African-American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Social movements such as this were in place to end racial segregation and discrimination against black Americans and to secure legal recognition and federal protection of the citizenship rights enumerated in the Civil Rights Act of 1968. The Presidents’ Council believes the next challenge to overcome is economic rights and business ownership. However, to understand where you are going you must understand where you been and Selma is a good reflection of where black Americans have been.

The Presidents’ Council joined this movement inspired by the success of the initiative in New York City, where 27 African-American business leaders, led by Charles Phillips and Bill Lewis, created a fund for 75,000 of the city’s middle and high school students to see the film free. Since then, African-American business leaders have established such funds in other cities including, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Memphis, Miami, Montgomery, Nashville, New Orleans, Oakland/San Francisco, Philadelphia, Sarasota, Westchester, and Washington, D.C.

“SELMA” chronicles the tumultuous three-month period of 1965, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition. The epic march from Selma to Montgomery culminated in President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement resulting in change that forever altered history.

Donations can be made at www.thepresidentscouncil.org, by calling 216-771-8702, or by mail at The Presidents’ Council Foundation – 526 Superior Avenue, Suite 724 – Cleveland, OH 44114.

About The Presidents’ Council Foundation
The Presidents’ Council Foundation, Inc. (PCF) was founded in 2000, by The Presidents’ Council LLC, an organization comprised of chief executive officers of some of Northeast Ohio’s largest African-American owned and operated companies. The mission of the PCF is to support, develop and advocate for current and future generations of African-American entrepreneurs and leaders. The organization achieves its’ mission via two flagship programs: Emerging Entrepreneurs and PC Scholars, which have served countless African-American entrepreneurs and students and research related to urban education, entrepreneurship and economic development.
About the Emerging Entrepreneurs Program
Began in 2000, the EE program provides intense high-level classroom instruction for African-American small business owners. Participants, which come from various industries, meet bi-weekly for 14 weeks with classes facilitated by members of The Presidents’ Council, field experts and other community partners.
About the PC Scholars Program
Started in 2008, this program works with 10th, 11th and 12th graders from Cleveland area high schools, and is designed to produce the next generation of workers, entrepreneurs and leaders for our community. Students have bi – monthly sessions focused on leadership, academic achievement, career preparedness and life skills.
About Research
In addition to the PCF’s programs, we have been at the forefront of African-American business research in Northeast Ohio. In 2007, the PCF conducted a study on regionalism that led to the release of a detailed report, Regionalism: Growing Together to Expand Opportunity to All. In 2005, the PCF along with other community partners helped spearhead the Supplier Diversity Report.
Additional information about www.thepresidentscouncil.org, Twitter @PresCouncilFdn, on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/PCF2000