PC Scholars Present Fall Capstone Projects

11 Jan PC Scholars Present Fall Capstone Projects

For the past three months our scholars learned about different college options and evaluated which choice is best for them. Workshops from this quarter included attending the Annual HBCU College Fair hosted at Warrensville Heights High School , speaking with our college panel that consisted of college graduates from different types of institutions, and what it takes to get accepted into colleges.

As the PC scholars Fall quarter came to a close, students presented information from their capstone projects that prepared students to make an informed decision on where they want to attend college. Some questions included:

  • Do you prefer a private or public institution. Why?
  • What are your top three school choices
  • What is the tuition and how will you pay for this?
  • What are your hobbies and what careers can come from these?








This project was an extremely useful tool for our scholars as they are now educated on why they chose their top college picks and will move forward by exploring what majors can come from their hobbies.

While all scholars did a stellar job with their presentations, the top three students received a swag bag compliments of the Cleveland Cavaliers.