Higher Education Compact

04 Oct Higher Education Compact

he Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland is composed of a diverse group of business, education, civic and philanthropic organizations – including The Presidents’ Council Foundation  -that have committed to significantly increasing the number of Cleveland students who are prepared for, have access to, and complete college. Its goals include:

  • Changing Cleveland’s culture from one that tells youth “if you go to college” to one that says “when you go to college”;
  • Improving performance at public high schools so that youth are better prepared for the rigors of college-level classes;
  • Helping parents navigate financial aid paperwork and scholarship opportunities;
  • Exposing youth to two-and four-year colleges and universities to find the perfect fit;
  • Assisting students to ensure they are prepared for sustainable careers in a rapidly changing and demanding global economy.

We are excited to be a part of this effort and work with wonderful partners such as: the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, College Now of Greater Cleveland, the Cleveland Foundation, the George Gund Foundation, the Urban League of Greater Cleveland and many area colleges and universities on this special initiative. While each member of the Compact is already working to help students succeed, the partnership will make a special effort to foster information sharing and better track Cleveland students and their progress. For more information on the Higher Education Compact watch this video!