Annual Meeting 2013 – 2014 Recap

04 Mar Annual Meeting 2013 – 2014 Recap

Our Annual Meeting wrapped up last Thursday, February 26 at The Club. We’re thankful to all the supporters who came and to our sponsors for making the event possible.

This year we decided to do it differently. Mark Williams, our Board Chair, kicked off the program, welcoming and thanking everyone for coming. Nicole Bell, our Executive Director, recounted our organization’s highlights for this year – sending thousands of CMSD students to watch Selma, reevaluating the Emerging Entrepreneurs program, appearing on several media channels to talk about the work we do, among others. To further show what PCF has accomplished, we let the program alumni talk about how PCF programs influenced their lives.

The chosen PC Scholars Program alumnae was Cameron Giles, a recent graduate of Wright State and part of the first batch of PC Scholar college graduates. Cameron talked about how she wanted to be part of the Presidents Council Foundation someday, seeing the merit in the community, “And maybe one day you may not see me as a PC Scholar but a member of the President’s Council.” She thanked everyone for the support for PCSP in her speech.

The alumnus for Emerging Entrepreneurs Program was Kevin Trice, owner of Pulmonary Apps. Kevin said the program allowed him to take a step back and truly evaluate his business. “The thing that really helped me was the fellowship,” Kevin recounted, “that was the thing I really found in Emerging Entrepreneurs, dedicated supporters and the mentors who showed and allowed us dedicate our time in improving our business.” He ended by expressing his gratitude to PCF for providing him a family where he can have constant supshana braxton, presidents council foundation, because i said i wouldport.

For the first time, we also had a keynote speaker for the event. Alex Sheen of Because I said I would inspired us all about the value of promises and keeping them. He reminded everyone of how much we can affect people just by doing what we promise we’d do. The audience was asked to make promises after his talk, for PCF and for their personal lives.

It was a very successful Annual Meeting and we have no one else to owe it to but to the people who support us – volunteers, program participants, board members, sponsors and any sort of role people have helped us in the past year. Thank you!